The Fraud Perpetuated on the American People


Public Law 90-269, Public Law 90-349 and Public Law 95-147


Part 1

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Jerome Daly was from Savage Minn. and a close friend of mine. The "Credit River" decision (was) where a jury in a Justice of the Peace court trial found that Federal Reserve Notes were not Moneys of Account of the United States and the court in his opinion found them to be 'FRAUDS'.

This case was on Dec. 7, 1968 before Justice Martin V. Mahoney of Credit River Minn. and I was an associated Justice since Justice Mahoney had never tried a jury trial and I was asked by "Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Oscar Knutson, (commonly known as "King Knute") to assist Justice

Mahoney, since the Bank of Montgomery was represented by an attorney, and Jerome Daly was an attorney, and the case was about "Failure of Consideration" by a bank in a mortgage foreclosure on Jerome's cabin at Prior Lake, Minn..

Justice Mahoney declared that only "Gold and Silver Coins" were moneys of account of the United States, and that the Constitution is still the LAW today. "No state shall make any "THING" but Gold and Silver Coin a tender in payment of debts..."

And of course since the Federal Government had been given only 18 to 20 powers under the Constitution it was a "Limited Government", and according to the 9th and 10th amendments the states and the people were Sovereign, and retained for themselves all of the other rights not specifically given to the Feds.

When news of the jury's decision was picked up by Vern Myers and written about in his newsletter, "Myers Finance and Commerce" and sent world wide the whole world was afraid to accept FRAUDS and it got so big that they had Justice Mahoney killed within 6 months and Jerome and I had a couple of close calls too.

I've published the book: "The Credit River Decision" for 20 years now, but sold my last copy about 6 months ago, since like Waco, no one was interested in it after the Govt put their "SPIN DOCTORS' to work to try to discredit it. This like the "Special Appearance" really needs to be studied to learn the real truth about our "Funny Money" system of creating Money "Out of thin Air" by the Banksters.

During the trial, on cross examination the President of the "Bank of Montgomery" testified that the banks regularly "create money out of thin air."

Jerome asked the Bank President:   "If you were just opening up your bank and no one had yet made a deposit, and I came into your bank, and wanted to take out a loan of $18,000.00, could you loan me that money?

When the Bank President said, "Yes." I thought the jury would faint.

Jerome than said , "Does this mean that you can create money out of thin air?"

The Bank President said: "Yes. We can create money out of thin air."

Justice Mahoney then said "IT SOUNDS LIKE FRAUD TO ME" and everybody in the court room nodded their heads indicating that they agreed with Justice Mahoney.
The jury went out and returned a verdict in favor of Jerome Daly on the basis that the Federal Reserve Notes were not legal and valid consideration for a mortgage note contract.
Those that have a copy of "The Credit River Decision" just won't part with it, and it's too expensive to print just a few copies, so I really don't know where you'll get a copy.

Good luck on your case, and I hoped that I helped you a little.

Bill Drexler




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Subject: Fwd: Money: The Credit River Decision, December 7, 1968 -Exposing  the FRAUD!
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 Subject: Money: The Credit River Decision, December 7, 1968 - Exposing the FRAUD!
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To Whom it may concern:
              Posted below here are two letters giving a brief synopsis by Minnesota Attorney Jerome Daly, concerning his "Credit River Decision" from December 7, 1968.
              I have a complete transcript of this case, including the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, as well as Jerome Daly's scathing letter to the members of the Bar, to whom Jerome refers to as "The Boys in the Back Room."

           The letter is addressed to Patrick Foley, U.S. Attorney for Minnesota on December 27, 1968, and follows below here, in addition to Jerome's "Introduction" letter. Further below my e-mail signature line is a letter from Bill Drexler, who was an associate Justice in the Jerome Daly case in Minnesota, which you should find VERY interesting.
        I had a chance to meet and confer with Jerome Daly in 1991, when he assisted me with an unlawful foreclosure on my home in Puyallup. That case is not over yet. At that time he was living out in California. He drafted  some of the legal documents on my behalf. The brief he prepared in support of my position will knock your socks off. One of these days I'll post it with attachments, because it does take a "picture" to explain the fraud.

            If any of you still have Federal Reserve Notes, circa 1920's through the 1960's, you know what I'm talking about. And if you research and read Public Law 90-269 of March 18, 1968 followed by the Legislative History of Public Law 94-564, and the contents of Public Law 95-147 on October 28, 1977, you will begin to understand the FRAUD that has been perpetrated by the Congress of the United States upon the People of this Nation. Public Officials need to be held STRICTLY accountable to their Oath of Office and the Law of the Land.
            In my case, a certain Court Commissioner and a Superior Court Judge are yet to be prosecuted for their fraudulent perpetrations. Sometimes the wheels of "Justice" move slowly - but they  will ONLY move when forced to do so by the Citizenry -- "We the People" -- who hold ALL the power over our ordained and established Constitution,  Bill of Rights, and proper Organs of Government through Delegated Powers and Authority to Act on OUR behalf.  
        Perhaps after reading this you'll begin to understand why those who are enlightened to the fraud try to deal in Coin, as it is the ONLY medium of exchange specifically authorized under the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 & 6, and Article I, Section 10, as well as the Coinage Act of 1792, neither of which has ever been repealed, notwithstanding the fraudulent assertions otherwise by the totally compromised and corrupted Congress and Legislatures. As the Maxim of Law states, "Fraud and Justice never dwell together." And it should be remarked here that thanks to Congressman Philip M. Crane, you NOW have Gold and Silver Coin pursuant to Public Law 99-61 (July 9, 1985) and Public Law 99-185 (December 17, 1985).
         These two Public Laws made it possible for the minting and distribution of American Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles, available at your local Coin shop. Everyone should have some real "money" in their possession; but you need to know that your PAPER Federal Reserve Note with $1 printed on it won't buy a One Dollar Silver Eagle -- you'll have to give about $8.00 to $9.00 FRN's for the REAL "Dollar". Read Public Law 90-269 and you'll understand why. The paper FRN and the Silver dollar should be at "parity".
          By the way, "FRAUD" stands not only for the crime, but "Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device".  
           Mr. Daly passed away a couple of years ago . . . but his Credit River Decision lives on, even though the members of the Bar have sought to suppress this case from public view. It is probably fitting to insert here Jerome's "Introduction" letter of February 7, 1969, as well as a copy of the letter to the US Attorney on December 27, 1968, so you have some idea of the gravity of what occurred, and before you read what Bill Drexler, a friend of Jerome, wrote below my signature line. I quote herein the two letters, as follows:


Jerome Daly, Attorney at Law
28 East Minnesota Street
Savage, Minnesota 55378
February 7, 1969
        On May 8, 1964 the writer executed a Note and Mortgage to the First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota, which is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Both Banks are private owned and are a part of the Federal Reserve Banking System.
         In the Spring of 1967 the writer was in arrears $476.00 in the payments on this Note and Mortgage. The Note was secured by a Mortgage on real property in Spring Lake Township in Scott County, Minnesota. The Bank  foreclosed by advertisement and bought the property at a Sheriff's Sale  held on June 26, 1967 and did not redeem with the 12 month period of time allotted by law after the Sheriff's Sale.

        The Bank brought the Action to recover the possession to the property in the Justice of the Peace Court at Savage, Minnesota. The first 2 Justices were disqualified by Affidavit of Prejudice. The first by the writer and the Second by the Bank. A third one refused to handle the case. It was then sent, pursuant to law, to Martin V. Mahoney, Justice of the Peace, Credit River Township, Scott County, Minnesota, who presided at a Jury trial on December 7, 1968. The Jury found the Note and Mortgage to be void for failure of a lawful consideration and refused to give any validity to the Sheriff's Sale. Verdict was for the writer with costs in the amount of $75.00.

        The president of the Bank admitted that the Bank created the money and credit upon its own books by which it acquired or gave as consideration for the Note; that this was standard banking practice, that the credit first came into existence when they created it; that he knew of no United States Statutes which gave them the right to do this. This is the universal practice of these Banks. The Justice who heard the case handed down the opinion attached and included herein. Its reasoning is sound. It will withstand the test of time. This is the first time the question has been passed upon in the United States. I predict that this decision will go into the History Books as one of the great Documents of American History. It is a huge cornerstone wrenched from the temple of Imperialism and planted as one of the solid foundation stones of Liberty.


 Jerome Daly
 Attorney At Law
 28 East Savage Street
 Savage, Minnesota 55378
 December 27, 1968
 Mr. Patrick Foley
 United states Attorney for Minnesota
 United States Court House Bldg.
 Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Re: First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly
        As you are on my mailing list, at your request, attached kindly fin 2 copies of a decision rendered at Credit River Twp. Justice of the Peace court on December 9, 1968 by Justice Martin V. Mahoney, who by occupation is not dependent upon the fraudulent Federal Reserve Mob for his sustenance; thus he was able to view the whole fraud, which is Global in scope, with a mind in the settled calmness of impartiality, disinterestedness, and fairness, in keeping with his Oath and with a completely friendly feeling toward the Constitution of the United States of America.

         In truth and in fact the Justice of the Peace Court is the highest Court in the land as it is the closest to the People. Every Judge who is dependent upon this fraudulent Federal Reserve, National and State Banking System for his sole support is DISQUALIFIED because of self interest and had no jurisdiction to sit in review of this Judgment. If any Appellate Court, including the Supreme Court of the United States, in review of this Judgment, perpetrates a fraud upon the People by defying the Constitutional Law of the United States, Mahoney has resolved that he will convene another Jury in Credit River Township to try the issue of the Fraud on the part of any State or Federal Judge, and in an action on my part to recover the possession if the Jury decides in my favor, the Constable and the Citizens Militia of Credit River Township will, pursuant to the Law, deliver me back into possession. So you see, this Justice of the Peace can keep the peace in Scott County, Minnesota, not with the help of these State and Federal Judges who have fled reality, but in spite of  them. This Thomas Jefferson's prophesy with reference to Chattel Slavery once again rings true; "God's Justice will not sleep forever.". (emphasis added - now you may understand one of the lawful purposes of the Militia!)
           One wonders sometimes what the United States, and its leaders, including the Shylock usury element, did to bring on a Peal Harbor Attack on December 7, 1941, with such suddenness and devastation. It could be the Judgment of a Just God giving vent to a stored wrath in retaliation to the money changers. It is ironic in deed that the Jury should return its verdict on the same day 27 years later and the National and International Banking and Oil Mob shudder in their back rooms where they have cornered  the money of the World and where they sit pulling the strings; fostering, conniving and perpetrating War with profit to themselves paid for by the blood, sweat, tears and toil of the farmer, the mechanic, the laborer and the humbler members of society; and well they might tremble, for, as they listen they can hear, with every increasing distinctness, the sound of the waves at low tide as they wash across the lonely decks of the U.S.S. Arizona with over 2,500 men entombed in her hold, with oil still seeping therefrom to the surface.
       It is better to be charitable than miserly, honest than dishonest, direct than indirect, upright than underhanded, intelligent than unintelligent, to have courage than be a coward, to be free than slave, in body and in mind.
I remain,
        Quite Independently Yours,
 /s/ Jerome Daly
P.S. Give my best wishes for a New Year to the Boys in the Back Room.
 /s/ John R. Prukop

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Part 2

Ed Toner

12-11-02, 11:15


On the FED subject, let's say I just got $1,000,000.


Except, there are NO 'Dollars' in any bank that I know of due to a series of acts, including but not limited to, Public Law 90-269, Public Law 90-349 and Public Law 95-147. Good luck on collecting your "million" non-Federal, no Reserve, non-Notes or checkbook money accounts of computer digits that claim to be a 'dollar'... but are not. It seems to me you need a little enlightenment, which I provide as follows.

The People extended their original natural liberties to establish and ordain the de jure governments of the several Republican States of the Union and the de jure government "FOR the United States of America. It is not disputable, therefore, that without vesting of the original natural Right of the People, and the exercise of there political Liberty to form, establish and ordain a State and government, the State would not and does not exist. If the State has been subjugated under doctrines of "emergency" and "necessity" and is operating in a de facto character and capacity, without right, the government of the United States does not exist. The existence of the States is absolutely necessary to the existence of the Federal government.

The question that you need to be addressing is, WHO ARE THEY?

WHO is it that directs, controls, finances and subsidizes their operations?

The CONTROL of the entire "essential engine" was relinquished and surrendered to the "Governor" of "The Fund" (IMF- 22 USC 286) and "The Bank" (International Bank For Reconstruction and Development, commonly referred to as The World Bank) under PRETENSE of Reorganization Plan No. 26, Section 1.

The numerous international agreements were not "made under Authority" in accordance with the tenor of the commission as expressed in the Constitution for the United States of America, Article VI, Clause 2.

The express terms of "under authority" were described by Joseph Story in his Commentaries On The Constitution For The United States, Chapter XXXVII.

The principles were enacted into Public Law 85-766, 85th Congress, Second Session, Section 1602, to wit:

"Sec. 1602. No part of the funds appropriated in this (or any other) Act shall be used to pay (1) any person, firm, or corporation, or any combinations of persons, firms, or corporations, to conduct a study or to plan when and how or in what circumstances the Government of the United States should surrender this country or its people to any foreign power, (2) the salary or compensation of any employee or official of the government of the United States who proposes or contracts of who has entered into contracts for the making of studies or plans for the surrender by the Government of the United States of this country and its people to any foreign power in any event or circumstances." (See: 50 USC 407)

Such acts are a felony under uncodified Public Law 471, 83rd Congress, Session 2, Chapter 456, Title VI, Section 601, to wit:

"Sec. 601. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act, or of the funds available by an corporation included in this Act, shall be used to pay the salary or wages of any person... who advocates, or is a member of an organization that advocates, the overthrow of the Government of the United States by force or violence... Provided further, That any person... who is a member of an organization of Government employees, who advocates, or who is a member of an organization that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States by force or violence and accepts employment the salary or wages for which are paid from any appropriation or fund contained in this Act shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be fined not more that $1,000 or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both: Provided further, That the above penalty clause shall be in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other provisions of existing law." (See also Public Law 330, 69 Stat. 624 [uncodified felony]; 5 USC 3333)

The "Secretary of Treasury" is undeniably and admitted to be, the "Governor" of the International Monetary Fund (The Fund) and the International Bank For Reconstruction And Development (The Bank) pursuant to 22 USC 286a, and numerous other international organizations, and whose officers, employees and agents owe their PRIMARY ALLEGIANCE to the respective organizations and do not take directive from ANY Nation or State.

Under PRETEXT and PRETENSE of "Reorganization" the position also includes the exercise of the powers of the President under the "Trading With The Enemy Act" of October 6, 1917, 50 USC 1, as "Alien Property Custodian."

The Articles of Agreement of The Fund, The Bank, The U.N., the Export-Import Bank, Agency for International Development (AID), etc., etc., etc., are all VOID and of no effect under the Vienna Convention, and due to violation of public policy and the Law of Nations. The Vienna Convention is self executing and is operative as part of the domestic Law of the Land. U.S. v. Enger, 427 F.Supp. 452, 490.

No emergency justifies a violation of ANY Constitutional provision. 16 Am Jur 2d "Constitutional Law', Section 70 & 82. Coercion has been continually utilized by the corporators of The Fund and The Bank, and their sister organizations, corporations, associations, combinations and AGENTS within each of the several States of the Union - occupying offices and positions of Public Trust, Honor and Profit - to ensure that the Offices do no function within Constitutional import, in order to implement their pollicies and programs, and their agents and representatives have continually used threat, coercion, misrepresentation, fraud, usurpation, oppression and tyrannical means and modes against the Citizens of the several States of the Union, and against the several States themselves.

Under PRETEXT and PRETENSE of Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227, The Fund and its incorporators usurped the delegated authority whereby the Congress and their association no longer met the Perfect Obligation to maintain the de jure weights and measures and regulate the Value of the domestic or foreign Coin or Securities pursuant to the Constitution for the United States of America, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 and 6.

The Fund and The Bank, its sister organizations, corporations, associations, combinations and AGENTS OF A FOREIGN PRINCIPAL in each of the several States of the Union, then subjugated and used, and have continually used, the People as "human resources" and "human capital" (commonly call Cannon Fodder) and held their property and rights to property as collateral on the fraudulent, unconscionable, repudiated, dishonored obligations. See: Public Law 98-181, 79 Stat. 1153, Legislative History, House Report No. 98-175.

The parties to the Articles of Agreement of The Fund and The Bank knew of the emergency conditions existing, and devised an entire SYSTEMATIC SCHEME to dishonor, disavow and repudiate their rehypothecated debt-credit instruments. See: Public Law 90-269; Public Law 90-349; Public Law 94-564; and, Public Law 95-147. Further, they devised, implemented and enforced this systematic scheme to obtain a benefit and unjust advantage and enrichment through the known prospective failure of consideration and secret executory accords. See: Senate Report 94-1148, pgs. 5938, 5939; and, Public Law 98-181, House Report No. 98-175, pg. 1926.

The Fund and The Bank and its corporators, including but not limited to, the United States, having breached their obligations, duties and public trust, deceitfully and craftily confiscated the People's gold Coin through an unlawful confiscation, nationalization and expropriation process. See: Emergency Banking Relief Act, March 9, 1933; 12 USC 95a; and, Gold Reserve Act of January 30, 1934, Public Law 87, Chapter 87. They then used this purloined gold Coin to purchase voting share stocks in The Fund and The Bank, which are both instrumentalities of the world wide Communist movement: The United Nations. See: 22 USC 286e.

Error is perversion of law or fact, or both. Perversion of law by any of the corporators of The Fund and The Bank, or numerous of its other sister organizations, corporations and associations and their agents, is not authorized at any time, and entry into an agreement which excludes the corporators and their agents from the operation of the domestic Laws is the height and epitome of fraud, absurdity, and excess of authority and constitutes a criminal act. See: 18 USC 219; 18 USC 241; 18 USC 242; 18 USC 951; and, 18 USC 1961.

The Constitution for the United States of America specifically delegated the following "powers" to Congress under Article I, Section 8:

Clause 5:

"To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;"

Clause 6:

"To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;"

Article I, Section 10, Clause 1, qualified the phrase "coin Money" as used in Clause 5 above.

"No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Titles of Nobility."

The issue of the United States being empowered to "emit bills of credit" was discussed in the Constitutional Convention on Thursday, August 16, 1787. The power and authority was DENIED to the general government upon good and sufficient grounds. See: Federalist Papers No. 44.

The original Mint Act was passed on Thursday, January 12, 1792, and provided for the minting of both gold and silver dollars under section 9. The issuance of paper as a "legal tender" and circulating medium of exchange did not occur under 1862 during the Civil War. The Congress authorized the emission of non-interest bearing Treasury notes and declared the Bills of Credit to be legal ender for all debts, public and private, with the exception of taxes on imports. The notes were deemed necessary to "float the debt of the United States" for the war effort. In short, the paper "green backs" were "printed" under PRETEXT of "War Powers".

On June 3, 1864, Congress passed "An Act to provide a National Currency, secured by a Pledge of United States Bonds, and to provide for the Circulation and REDEMPTION thereof." This Act recreated the central banking system as a "National Association" which later evolved into the Federal Reserve Banks. All private bank notes issued under the authority of the Act were "issued and circulated the same as money", had to be REDEEMABLE at "par value" [one-for-one] with the Coin, and were declared to be legal tender for the payment of all debts public and private. (Section 23) "Pledging or hypothecating" and of the notes in circulation under this Act were prohibited by Section 37.

By 1908, the United States had accumulated a large deficit. Discussions had begun to surface concerning amendments to the Constitution regarding revenue and taxation. In 1909, Congress and the President passed the Corporate Tax Act of 1909 while knowing that the activity had previously been declared to be unconstitutional in Pollock v. Farmers Loan And Trust Co, 187 U.S. 429 (1895). The Sixteenth Amendment was proposed by Congress on July 12, 1909. The amendment was certified to be a part of the Constitution on February 25, 1913. The Constitutional IMPEDIMENT concerning State intervention in direct taxation had been removed, however it did not expand the taxing power of Congress beyond the limitations set forth in Article I, Section 8, Clause 1, and Article I, Section 9, Clause 4.

On December 23, 1913, Congress passed "An Act to provide for the establishment of Federal Reserve Banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes." Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act, which is codified as 12 USC 411 declared that the "Federal Reserve Notes" were "obligations of the United States". The "full faith and credit" of the United States was thereby hypothecated and rehypothecated to the lending institutions for the issuance and emission of bills of credit as legal tender "for all taxes, customs, and other public dues." The paper in circulation and transaction accounts could then be inflated by 60% and the purchasing power depreciated and reduced by an equivalent amount. However, even though the fractional reserve system paper was on a float, the dollar was still made of silver and gold Coin, and the Federal Reserve notes and Treasury notes clearly stated on their face that they were REDEEMABLE at par value upon presentment and demand. Redeemability ended by 1965 with the Coin Act of 1965, in which the base metals were removed from circulation. Thereafter, Public Law 90-269 and Public Law 95-147 assured the elimination of reserve requirements for redeeming Federal Reserve notes for lawful money.

The Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, Public Law No. 1, 48 Stat. 1, claimed and nationalized all of the People's money then on deposit in the banking system, i.e., all gold Coin. The gold was considered as a "reserve" asset in the international banking system. The Emergency Banking Relief Act amended and used the Trading With The Enemy Act to assert the claims of the President and Congress to all of the monetary gold Coin, i.e., Double Eagles, and threatened fine and imprisonment for anyone who did not turn in their monetary gold Coin. There is little difference between the use of "War Power" against the Citizens to accomplish the nationalization of the "Coin Money", and the acts of the famous frontier bandit, Jesse James. Both were accomplished under threat of force and compulsion.

Nationalization of the People's gold Coin is a violation of the Law of Nations and existing public policy of Congress. See: Hilton v. Guyot, 159 US 113 (1895); Public Law 87-565, 76 Stat. 255, 260. The complete debasement of the Constitutional Coin was thereafter effected and accomplished under the International Monetary Fund's (IMF-The Fund) Articles of Agreement. The international agreements had taken precedent over domestic limitations and obligations.

The terms "Dollar" and "Fair Market Value" were thereafter evaluated in fractional proportion to the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which have become the new "standard of value". The Constitutional mandates and domestic laws had no further meaning and effect. The fundamental Law of the Land had been overthrown by various international institutions and agreements. This is the economic condition that has unlawfully been imposed on the People of the several States of the Union and their institutions of FORMER "government". The international organizations and their agents have gained economic control of the domestic monetary system, and now make all political decisions for their members. Domestic "monetary policy" is set by an independent agency specifically referred to as the Federal Reserve Board, not by Congress. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation. Between 1965 and 1977, the monetary system made a "de facto transition", in which the United States, as a voting share stockholder in The Fund and The Bank and other international organizations, determined that Constitutional mandates did not apply to them or their operations. Does the Federal Reserve note meet the criteria of a note? NO. A note has four essential elements in law: (1) A valid offer; (2) A valid acceptance; (3) Consideration; and, (3) Time. A valid offer can not be made by passing a note off that has been dishonored, disavowed, and repudiated. Valid acceptance cannot be obtained because of the illegal aspects of the activities which gave rise to the "material difference" in the value of the paper, which on its face professes to be the representative of the "dollar', not the "dollar" itself. There is no "material" "Consideration" because it does not promise to pay anyone at any time. It is based wholly on "credit" which is derived from the Latin word "credito" which means "faith". The fourth element of a "note", "time", is wholly lacking. Does the Federal Reserve note meet the criteria of a "worthless security" under 26 IRC 165(g)(2)&copy;? The answer is "YES".

Presently, "Fair Market Value" is based upon the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) and Federal Reserve note floating values determined by international organizations, not by Congress. The so-called "State", its political subdivisions, enforcers, attorneys, and the Wizards of Oz in their little black bat suits are all claiming benefit to a series of innovative, slight of hand acts and omissions that were and are patently unconstitutional.

"To violate the spirit of the law, while pretending to respect the letter of it, is a fraud no less criminal in character than an open violation of the law would be; it is not less contrary to the intention of the legislator, and indicates only a more cunning and deliberate wickedness." (The Law Of Nations Or The Principles Of Natural Law, Emer de Vattel, Book II, Chapter XVII, Section 291)

An example of such fraud is found in the more recent determination, U.S. v. Greenstreet, 912 F.Supp 224 (1996), where the Wizard of Oz determined in pertinent part:

"Perhaps the most bizarre basis for Greenstreet's position rests on the theory that the American system of currency is illegal and unconstitutional... Attacking the legitimacy of federal reserve notes is not a novel argument. Others have asserted such claims; however, they have been summarily rejected. (citations omitted) This Court will also reject Mr. Greenstreet's coinage arguments. The Court believes that Defendant's position is simply irrational." (912 F.Supp 229)

The Wizard apparently could not distinguish "facts" nor discern and understand existing law and legislative intent. Moral turpitude and corruption is more appropriately the true source of authority for the Wizard who conjured up such an insane delusion and had the audacity to put it in writing and have it published. The statement by Congressman Philip Crane of Illinois and others was as clear and unambiguous as the Constitution itself. Fraud and crime are more easily obtainable where the judges are prone to corruption.

"The purpose of a monetary standard is to fix the weight and quality of the monetary unit. A standard monetary unit is something which itself has value; it cannot be an abstraction, a legal fiction, or debt, such as the U.S. dollar is today. A depreciating monetary unit is not an acceptable standard of value." (Congressional Record - House, November 20, 1985, pg. 32634)

The Federal Reserve note was and is fluctuating in its depreciated value and remains in its disavowed and repudiated condition. The standard of value cannot be an abstraction, a legal fiction, or a debt, which the SDR-Federal Reserve note system is.

The Federal Reserve note is defined as an "OBLIGATION"... NOT as a "dollar". 12 USC 411. The Federal Reserve note's fluctuating value is based upon Special Drawing Rights (SDR's), a book keeping entry in the International Monetary Fund. "Dollars", "gold and silver Coin", are legal tender within the meaning and intent of the Constitution for the United States of America (1787), and the Laws made in Pursuance thereof, 31 USC 5112, and are circulating, and intended to circulate, as "MONEY". All assessments are to be reduced to the nearest "DOLLAR VALUE". See: 26 IRC 3402(B)(4); 26 IRC 6102; and, 26 IRC 7504.


12-11-02, 15:14

ED, many thanks for posting some great data....knowledge is really the only power we have to fight what we know is the real threat to all mankind and hopefully we will all learn who that enemy is and expose them at every avenue.

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Part 3
[An excerpt]

Preceding the de facto transition, a number of other things had occurred. Pursuant to 22 USC 286, the President was authorized to accept membership for the United States in the International Monetary Fund ("The Fund"), and in the International Bank For Reconstruction and Development ("The Bank"), provided for by the "Articles of Agreement of the Fund" and the "Articles of Agreement of the Bank", as set forth in the "Final Act of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference" dated July 22, 1944, which are deposited in the archives of the Department of State. These Acts are commonly known as the Bretton Woods Agreements. They are international agreements. The Articles of Agreement assert that those holding public office could do not only what the delegated powers under the Constitution did not authorize, but what they forbid. In other words, Congress created these two entities and granted them the capacity to do what they were prohibited from doing directly. The complete debasement of the Constitutional Coin was effected and accomplished under the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Articles of Agreement.

Pursuant to 22 USC 286a, the President appoints the alien, corporate "Governor" to oversee the United States membership in "The Fund" and "The Bank". He is today commonly referred to as the "Secretary of Treasury." The Office of Secretary of Treasury was formerly, that is, prior to May 20, 1920, a cabinet level position in the Executive Branch. That is not now the case because the "Treasury" was abolished in 1920-21. This occurred following the unconstitutional and unlawful redelegation of authorized powers of Congress under the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, out of which there was created an "independent treasury" on May 20, 1920, in which the People's money was commingled. Thereafter the gold was systematically, and criminally, removed and transferred out of the country, eventually causing a "run" on the banks, and ultimately, the Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1. War and Emergency Powers had worked in 1862, and again in 1933, to expand unauthorized power beyond Constitutional and statutory limitations and prohibitions. Like the economic emergency itself, the emergency executive power is still active and available to further the "systematic scheme".

On March 18, 1968, Congress passed "An Act to Eliminate the reserve requirements for Federal Reserve Notes and for United States Notes and Treasury Notes of 1890", Public Law 90-269, 82 Stat. 50. This Act was designed to remove the remaining reserve requirements on circulating notes and obligations. $1.3 billion in gold was "pledged" against "gold certificates" and held as reserves against circulating notes and obligations. Under this Act the gold certificates would be withdrawn and retired, then the gold would be considered as "free gold" and paid out to foreign interests at $35 per ounce. The monetary reserves of gold and gold certificates would be supplemented and then replaced "by the mechanism of special drawing rights (SDR's) within the framework of the IMF" [See: House Report 1095, pg. 1763] It was also known, at that time, that the continued expansion of circulating Federal Reserve Notes would use up the "free gold" in two years, however, the "new standards of international reserves and exchange" was right around the corner [See: House Report 1095, pg. 1780] The Federal Reserve Note, thereafter, met all of the qualifications of a worthless security under 26 I.R.C. 165(g). The action of disavowing and repudiating obligations in 1968, like those that occurred in 1933 and 1934, were given effect and compulsion. The system had become nothing more nor less than a "confidence game" devised to psychologically dupe the public who were left generally ignorant of the activities and known affects.

On June 19, 1968, only three months later, Congress passed the "Special Drawing Rights Act", Public Law 90-349, 82 Stat. 188. This Act amended the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Under Section 2 of the Special Drawing Rights Act, the SDR's are "administered as part of the Exchange Stabilization Fund established by section 10 of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended (31 USC 822a)." The operations of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and now the SDR's are under the "exclusive control of the Secretary of Treasury" and "are not reviewable by any other officer of the United States". Anything in the ESF remains in the Fund, for the use of the Fund. This new program is subject to the Articles of Agreement of the IMF in accordance with Section 3 of the SDR Act of 1968. Of course, the "Secretary of Treasury" is, in reality, the "Governor" of the IMF, and is not an officer of the United States. [See: Public Law 94-564, 90 Stat. 2660, Senate Report 94-1148, pg. 5942; 22 USC 286a]

Section 4 of the Special Drawing Rights Act sets forth the general protocols. The "Secretary of Treasury" [Governor-IMF] issues an international letter of credit called a "Special Drawing Rights Certificate" to the Federal Reserve Banks "in such form and in such denomination as he may determine". The SDR is deposited in the Federal Reserve Banks which in turn credits the account of the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) with Federal Reserve Notes in an amount equal to the value of the SDR certificate. SDR's became the "collateral security for Federal Reserve Notes". The term "dollar" was thereafter valued in direct and inseparable proportion to Special Drawing Rights, not to "dollars", gold and silver Coin. The "dollar" became mere "book entries in special accounts of the International Monetary Fund" under the United Nations. [See: Senate Report 1164, pg. 2105] In effect, the International Agreements had taken precedent over domestic limitations and obligations pursuant to the authority delegated by "We the People" in the ordained and established Constitution for the United States of America. The international organizations had gained economic control of the domestic monetary system, and would now make political decisions for the members. In common parlance, the Nation has been economically "overthrown" and bankrupted. Under "rule of instrumentality" the "United States" exists in pretense of name only, being the altered of the true principal and parties of interest, The Fund and The Bank. With the enactment by Congress of Public Law 95-147 on October 28, 1977, all financial institutions, banks and credit unions alike, were placed on the exclusive direction and control of the "Governor" of "The Fund" and "The Bank", i.e., the United Nations, which is the World Communist Movement. A foreign power now roosts and rules exclusively over each and every American. Recall that the operations of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and now the SDR's are under the "exclusive control of the Secretary of Treasury" and "are not reviewable by any other officer of the United States".

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Part 4
Public Law 95-147

From the Library of Congress:
H.R.5675: A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to invest public moneys.
Sponsor: Rep Mitchell (Md.).- LATEST ACTION: 10/28/77 Public Law 95-147.

From "Bill Summary & Status for the 95th Congress": H.R.5675 introduced 3/29/77
A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to invest public moneys.
Authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to invest any portion of the Treasury's operating cash for period of up to 90 days in obligations of depositories maintaining secured Treasury tax and loan accounts and obligations of the United States.
STATUS: Floor Actions
10/28/77 Public Law 95-147
10/17/77 Measure presented to President
10/17/77 Measure enrolled in Senate
10/17/77 Measure enrolled in House
10/14/77 House agreed to Senate amendment
10/11/77 Measure passed Senate, amended
10/11/77 Measure considered in Senate
10/11/77 Call of calendar in Senate
9/23/77 Reported to Senate from the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs with amendment, S. Rept. 95-450
4/26/77 Referred jointly to Senate Committees on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; and Finance
4/25/77 Measure passed House, roll call #147 (384-0)
4/25/77 Measure considered in House
4/25/77 Measure called up under motion to suspend rules and pass in House
4/20/77 Reported to House from the Committee on Ways and Means, H. Rept. 95-159 (Part II)
4/4/77 Reported to House from the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, H. Rept. 95-159 (Part I)

(REVISED AS OF 10/11/77 -- Measure passed Senate, amended)

Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to invest, for cash management purposes, any portion of the operating cash of the Treasury for periods of up to 90 days in (1) obligations of depositories maintaining Treasury tax and loan accounts secured by a pledge of collateral acceptable to the Secretary as security for tax and loan accounts, and (2) obligations of the United States and agencies of the United States.
Amends the Home Owners' Loan Act to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to deposit public money in any Federal savings and loan association or any member of a Federal home loan bank.

Amends the National Housing Act to make insured institutions insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation depositories of public money.

Amends the Federal Credit Union Act to authorize the Secretary to deposit public money in any insured credit union.

Authorizes the Secretary to deposit public money in any bank, savings bank, savings and loan, building and loan, homestead association, or credit union created under the law of any State and insured by the State or any agency thereof.

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to include domestic building and loan associations and credit unions as institutions which may receive tax payments.

Amends the Bretton Woods Agreements to prohibit the President or any U.S. agency from (1) approving the disposition of more than 25,000,000 ounces of gold from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the benefit of the Trust Fund established May 6, 1976, or (2) establishing any additional trust fund whereby resources of the IMF would be used for the special benefit of a single member, or a particular segment of the membership, of the fund.

Requires the President to, upon the request of any committee of the Congress with legislative or oversight jurisdiction over monetary policy or the International Monetary Fund, provide to such committee any appropriate information relevant to that committee's jurisdiction which is furnished to any department or agency of the United States by the International Monetary Fund. Requires the President to comply with this provision consistent with United States membership obligations in the International Monetary Fund and subject to such limitations as are appropriate to the sensitive nature of the information.

Provides that no loan or credit to a foreign government or entity shall be extended by or through such Fund for more than six months in any twelve-month period unless the President provides a written determination to the Congress that unique or exigent circumstances make such loan or credit necessary for a term greater than six months.

Amends the Gold Reserve Act to remove the requirement that U.S. direct obligations from the stabilization fund of such Act may be invested or reinvested only if such obligations are not currently required for stabilizing the exchange value of the dollar. Provides that such obligations must be invested for purposes of the Act. [What gold reserve?-- No longer a gold backed currency]

Part 5


In Reg: U.S. Senate Report No. 93-549 dated 11/19/73
(73 CIS Serial Set S963-2 607 Pages)

The United States went "Bankrupt" in 1933 and was declared so by President Roosevelt by Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and Executive Order 6260, (See: Senate Report 93-549, Pgs. 187 & 594) under the "Trading With The Enemy Act" (Sixty-Fifth Congress, Sess. I, Chs. 105, 106, October 6, 1917), and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a. The several States of the Union then pledged the faith and credit thereof to the aid of the National Government, and formed numerous socialist committees, such as the "Council of State Governments", "Social Security Administration", etc., to purportedly deal with the economic "Emergency." These Organizations operated under the "Declaration Of INTERdependence" of January 22, 1937 and published some of their activities in "The Book of the States." The 1937 Edition of the "Book of the States" openly declared that the people engaged in such activities as the Farming/Husbandry Industry had been reduced to mere feudal "Tenants" on their Land (Book Of The States, [1937], pg. 155). This of course was compounded by such activities as price fixing Wheat and Grains (7 U.S.C.A. 1332), quota regulations (7 U.S.C.A. 1371), and livestock products (7 U.S.C.A. 1903), which have been consistently below the costs of production, interest on loans and inflation of the paper "Bills of Credit", leaving the food producers and others in a state of peonage and involuntary servitude, constituting the taking of private property, for the benefit and use of others - without just compensation.

NOTE: The "Council Of State Governments" has now been absorbed into such things as the "National Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws" whose Headquarters Office is located at 676 North St., Clair Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60611 and "all" being "members of the Bar" and operating under a different "Constitution And By-Laws" has promulgated, lobbied for, passed, adjudicated and ordered the implementation and execution of their purported statutory provisions, to "help implement international treaties of the United States or where world uniformity would be desirable" (See: 1990/91 Reference Book "National Council Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws", pg. 2). This is apparently what Robert Bork meant when he wrote: "we are governed not by law or elected representatives but by an unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable committee of lawyers applying no will but their own" (See: The Tempting of America, Robert H. Bork, pg. 130).

The United States thereafter entered the second World War during which time the "League of Nations" was reinstituted under pretense of the "United Nations" and the "Bretton Woods Agreement" (See: 60 Stat. 1401). The United States, as a corporate body politic (artificial), came out of World War II in worse economic shape than when it entered, and in 1950 declared "Bankruptcy" and "Reorganization." The Reorganization is located in Title 5 of the United States Code Annotated. The "Explanation" at the beginning of 5 U.S.C.A. is most informative reading. The "Secretary of Treasury" was appointed as the "Receiver" in Bankruptcy (See: Reorganization Plan No. 26 5 U.S.C.A. 903, Public Law 94-564, the Legislative History thereof at pg. 5967). The United States went down the road and periodically filed for further Reorganization. Things and situations worsened, having done what they were Commanded NOT to do (See: Madison's Notes, Constitutional Convention, August 16, 1787; Federalist Papers No. 44), and in 1965 the Congress passed the "Coinage Act of 1965" completely debasing the Constitutional gold and silver Coin (See: 18 U.S.C.A. 331, 332; U.S. v. Marigold, 50 US 560, 13 L.Ed. 257). At the signing of the Coinage Act on July 23, 1965; Lyndon B. Johnson stated in his Press Release that:

"When I have signed this bill before me, we will have made the first fundamental change in our coinage in 173 years. The Coinage Act of 1965 supersedes the Act of 1792. And that Act had the title: `An Act Establishing a Mint and Regulating the Coinage of the United States ...

"Now I will sign this bill to make the first change in our coinage system since the 18th Century. To those members of Congress, who are here on this historic occasion, I want to assure you that in making this change from the 18th Century we have no idea of returning to it."

It is important to take cognizance of the fact that NO Constitutional Amendment was ever obtained to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE, amend, abridge or abolish the Constitutional mandates, provisions or prohibitions, but due to internal and external diversions surrounding the Viet Nam War, etc.; the usurpation and breach went basically unchallenged and unnoticed by the general public at large, who became "a wealthy man's cannon fodder or cheap source of slave labor" (See: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, TM-SW7905.1, Pgs. 6-9, 12, 13, & 56). Congress was clearly delegated the Power and Authority to regulate and maintain the true and inherent "value" of the Coin within the scope and purview of Article I, Section 8, Clauses 5 & 6 and Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 of the ordained (1787) Constitution, and further, under a corresponding duty and obligation to maintain said gold and silver Coin and Foreign Coin at and within the necessary and proper "equal weights and measures" clause (See also: Holy Bible; Deuteronomy 25:13-16; Public Law 97-289; 96 Stat. 1211).

Those exercising the Offices of the several States, in equal measure, knew such "De Facto Transitions" were unlawful and unauthorized, but sanctioned, implemented and enforced the complete debauch and the resulting "governmental, social, industrial economic change" in the "De Jure" States and in the United States of America (See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History thereof, pg. 5936, 5945; 31 U.S.C.A. 314, 321, 5112; C.R.S. [Colorado Revised Statutes] 11-61-101; C.R.S. 39-22-103.5; and C.R.S. 18-11-203), and were and are now under the delusion that they can do both directly and indirectly what were absolutely prohibited from doing (See also: Federalist Papers No. 44; Craig v. Missouri, 4 Peters 903).

In 1966, Congress being severally compromised, passed the "Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966", by which the entire taxing and monetary system i.e. "Essential Engine" (See: Federalist Papers No. 31) was placed under the Uniform Commercial Code (See: Public Law 89-719; and the Legislative History thereof, pg. 3722; also see: C.R.S. 5-1-106). The Uniform Commercial Code was, of course, promulgated by the "National Conference of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws" in collusion with the "American Law Institute" for the "banking and business interests" (See: "Handbook Of The National Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws" (1966 ed.) pgs. 152-153). The United States being engaged in numerous U.N. conflicts including the Korean and the Viet Nam wars of which were under the direction of the United Nations (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 287d), and agreeing to foot the bill (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 287j), and not being able to honor their obligations and hypothecated debt credit; openly and publicly dishonored and disavowed their "Notes" and "obligations" (12 U.S.C.A. 411) i.e. "Federal Reserve Notes" through Public Law 90-269, section 2; 82 Stat. 50 to wit:

"Sec. 2. The first sentence of section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 391) is amended by striking `and the funds provided in this Act for the redemption of Federal Reserve Notes' ..."

Things steadily grew worse and on March 28, 1970; President Nixon issued Proclamation No. 3972 declaring an "emergency" because the Postal Employees struck against the de facto government (?) for higher pay, due to inflation of the paper "Bills of Credit" (See: Senate Report No. 93-549, pg. 596). President Nixon placed the U.S. Postal Department under control of the "Department of Defense" (See: Department Of The Army Field Manual, FM 41-10 (1969 ed.)).

NOTE: The System had been faltering for a decade, but the bench mark date of the collapse is put at August 15, 1971. On this day, President Nixon reversed the U.S. International Monetary Policy by officially declaring the non-convertibility of the U.S. Dollar [F.R.N.] into Gold.

See also:

Public Law 94-564, the Legislative History thereof at pg. 5937; Senate Report No. 93-549, the "Forward" at pg. III; Presidential Proclamation No. 4074, at page 597; 31 U.S.C.A. 314, 5112

On September 21, 1973; the Congress passed Public Law 93-110, amending the "Bretton Woods Par Value Modification Act" (82 Stat. 116; 31 U.S.C.A. 449) and reiterated the "Emergency" (12 U.S.C.A. 94a; and section 8 of the "Bretton Woods Agreements Act" of 1945 [22 U.S.C.A. 286f]), which included "reports on foreign currency transactions" (See also: Executive Order No. 10033). This "Act" further declared in Section 2(b) that:

"No provision of any law in effect on the date of enactment of this Act, and no rule, regulation, or order under authority of any such law, may be construed to prohibit any person from purchasing, holding, selling, or otherwise dealing with gold."

On January 19, 1976; Marjorie S. Holt noted for the record, a second "Declaration Of INTERdependence" and clearly identified the United Nations as a "Communist" organization, and that they were seeking both production and monetary control over the Union and People through International Organization promoting the "New World Order" (See: 8 U.S.C.A. 1101(40); see also: 50 U.S.C.A. 781, 783).

The social/economic situation worsened as noted in the Complaint/Petition filed in the U.S. Court of Claims under docket No. 41-76 on February 11, 1976 by 44 Federal Judges, (Atkins v. U.S.). Atkins complained that:

"As a result of inflation, the compensation of federal judges has been substantially diminished each year since 1969, causing direct and continuing monetary harm to plaintiffs ... the real value of the dollar decreased by approximately 34.5 percent from March 15, 1969 to October 1, 1975 ... . As a result, plaintiffs have suffered an unconstitutional deprivation of earnings"

and in the prayer for relief claimed:

"damages for the constitutional violations enumerated above, measured as the diminution of his earnings for the entire period since March 9, 1969."

It is quite apparent that the persons holding and enjoying Offices of Public Trust, Honor, and/or Profit knew of the emergency emergent problem and sought protection for themselves, to the damage and injury of the People and Children, who were classified as "a club that has many other members" who "have no remedy." And knowing that "heinous" acts had been committed, stated that they [judges/lawyers] would not apply the Law, nor would any substantive remedy be applied ("checked" more or less, but never stopped) "until all of us [judges] are dead." Such persons "Fraudulently" swore on "Oath" to uphold, defend, and preserve the sovereignty of the Nation and several Republican States of the Union, and breached the Duty to protect the People/Citizens and their "Posterity" from fraud, imposition, avarice, and stealthy encroachment (See: Atkins et. al. v. U.S., 556 F2d 1028 @ 1072, 1074; The Tempting Of America (supra.) pgs. 155-159; also see: 5 U.S.C.A. 5305, 5335; Senate Report No. 93-549, pgs. 69-71; C.R.S. 24-75-101). This is verified in Public Law 94-564, and the Legislative History thereof at page 5944 which states:

"Moving to a floating exchange rate for international commerce means
private enterprise and not central governments bear the risk of currency fluctuations."

Numerous serious debates were held in Congress, including but not limited to, Tuesday, July 27, 1976 (See: Congressional Record - House, July 27, 1976), concerning the International Financial Institutions and its operations. Representative, Ron Paul, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, made numerous references to the true practices of the "International" financial institutions including, but not limited to, the conversion of $27,000,000 (27 million) in gold, contributed by the United States as part of its "quota obligations," which the International Monetary Fund (Governor-Secretary of Treasury) sold (See: Public Law 94-564, the Legislative History thereof at pages 5945 & 5946), under some very questionable terms and concessions (See also: "The Ron Paul Money Book," (1991), by Ron Paul, Plantation Publishing, 837 W. Plantation, Clute, Texas 77531).

On October 28, 1977; the passage of Public Law 95-147, (91 Stat. 1227) declared most banking institutions, including State banks, to be under direction and control of the corporate "Governor" of the "International Monetary Fund" (See: Public Law 94-564, the Legislative History thereof at page 5942; United States Manual 1990/91, pgs. 480-481). The Act further declared that:

"(2) Section 10(a) of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 (31 U.S.C. 822a(b)) is amended by striking out the phrase `stabilizing the exchange value of the dollar' ..."

"(c) The joint resolution entitled `Joint resolution to assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the United States', approved June 5, 1933 (31 U.S.C. 463) shall not apply to obligations issued on or after the date of enactment of this section."

The United States, as Corporator, (22 U.S.C.A. 286e, et. seq.) and "State" (C.R.S. 24-36-104, C.R.S. 24-60-1301(h)) had declared "Insolvency" (See: 26 I.R.C. 165(g)(1); U.C.C. 1-201(23); C.R.S. 39-22-103.5; Westfall v. Braley, 10 Ohio 188; 75 Am.Dec. 509; Adams v. Richardson, 337 S.W.2d 911; Ward v. Smith, 7 Wall. 447). A permanent state of "Emergency" was instituted, formed and erected within the Union through the contrivances, fraud, and avarice of the International Financial Institutions, Organizations, Corporations, and Associations, including the Federal Reserve; their "fiscal and depository agent" (22 U.S.C.A. 286d). This has led to such "Emergency" legislation as the "Public Debt Limit-Balance Budget And Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985" (Public Law 99-177) etc..

The government, by becoming a corporator, (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 286e) lays down its sovereignty and takes on the status that of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter (See: The Bank of the United States v. Planters Bank of Georgia, 6 L.Ed. ( Wheat) 244; U.S. v. Burr, 309 US 242). The real party in interest is not the de jure "United States of America" or "State;" but "The Bank" and "The Fund" (22 U.S.C.A. 286, et. seq., C.R.S. 11-60-103). The acts committed under fraud, force, and seizures are many times done under "Letters of Marque and Reprisal" i.e. "recapture" (See: 31 U.S.C.A. 5323). Such principles as: "Fraud and Justice never dwell together" (Wingate's Maxims 680) and: "A right of action cannot arise out of fraud" (Broom's Maxims 297, 729; Cowper's Reports 343; 5 Scott's New Reports 558; 10 Mass. 276; 38 Fed. 800) are to high of a thought concept, as is "Due Process," "Just Compensation," and "Justice" itself. "Honor" is earned by honesty and integrity, not under false and fraudulent pretenses, nor will the color of the cloth one wears cover-up the usurpations, lies, trickery, and deceits. When "Black" is fraudulently declared to be "White;" not all will live in darkness. As astutely observed by Will Rogers: "There are men running governments who shouldn't be allowed to play with matches" and it is as applicable today as Jesus' statements about Lawyers and Judges.

The contrived "emergency" has created numerous abuses and usurpations, and abridgments of delegated Powers and Authority. As stated in Senate Report 93-549:

"These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal law. These hundreds of statutes delegate to the President extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional process.

"Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens." (See also: "Forward" at pg. III)

The "Introduction," on page 1, begins with a phenomenal declaration, to wit:

"A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency ..."

According to the research done in 16 Am.Jur.2d 71, 82; no "emergency" justifies a violation of any constitutional provision. Argumentum: "Supremacy Clause" and "Separation of Powers," it is clearly admitted in Senate Report No. 93-549 that abridgment has occurred. The statements heard in the Federal and State Tribunals, on numerous occasions, that Constitutional arguments are "immaterial," "frivolous," etc., is based upon the concealment, furtherance and compounding of the Frauds and "Emergency" created and sustained by the "Expatriated," ALIENS of the United Nations and its Organizations, Corporations, and Associations (See: Letter, "Insight Magazine," February 18, 1991, pg. 7, Lowell L. Flanders, President, U.N. Staff Union, New York). U.S. Code Title 8, Section 1481 is one of the controlling statutes on expatriation as is 22 U.S.C.A. 611, 612 & 613 and 50 U.S.C.A. 781.

The Internal Revenue Service entered into a "service agreement" with the U.S. Treasury Department (See: Public Law 94-564, the Legislative History there of at pg. 5967; Reorganization Plan No. 26) and the "Agency For International Development" pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 91. The "Agency For International Development" is an international paramilitary operation (See: Department Of The Army Field Manual, FM 41-10, (1969) pgs. 1-4, Sec. 1-7(b), 1-6, 1-10(7)(c)(1); 22 U.S.C.A. 284) and includes such activities as "Assumption of full or partial executive, legislative, and judicial authority over a country or area" (See: FM 41-10, pg. 1-7, Section 110(7)(c)(4)); see also: "Agreement Between The United Nations And The United States Of America Regarding The Headquarters Of The United Nations," Sections 7(d), (8); 22 U.S.C.A. 287 (1979 ed) at pg. 241). It is to be further observed that the "Agreement" regarding the "Headquarters District of the United Nations" was NOT agreed to (See: Congressional Record - Senate, December 13, 1967, Mr. Thurmond) and is illegally within the Country in the first instant. The Internal Revenue Service Agreement (Treasury Delegation Order No. 91) may be found at the: U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of the Assistant General Counsel (International Affairs), 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20220.

The International Organizational intents, purposes and activities include complete control of "Public Finance" i.e. "control, supervision, and audit of indigenous fiscal resources; budget practices, taxation, expenditures of public funds, currency issues, and banking agencies and affiliates" (See: FM 41-10, pgs. 2-10 thru 2-31, Section 251, Public Finance). This, of course, complies with "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" (Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1) which discloses a declaration of war upon the American people (See: pgs. 3 & 7), monetary control by the Internationalist, through information etc., solicited and collected by the Internal Revenue Service (See: TM-SW7905.1, pg. 48, also see: 22 U.S.C.A. 286f & Executive Order No. 10033; 26 U.S.C.A. 6103(k)(4)) and who is operating and enforcing the seditious International program (See: TM-SW7905.1, pg. 52). The 1985 Edition of the Department Of Army Field Manual, FM 41-10 further describes the International "Civil Affairs" operations. At page 3-6 it is admitted that the A.I.D. is autonomous and under direction of the "International Development Cooperation Agency," and at page 3-8 that the operation is "paramilitary." The International Organizations(s) intents and purposes was to promote, implement, and enforce a "DICTATORSHIP OVER FINANCE IN THE UNITED STATES" (See: Senate Report No. 93-549, pg. 186).

It appears from the documentary evidence that the Agents of the Internal Revenue Service, etc., are "Agents of a Foreign Principal" within the meaning and intent of the "Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938." They are directed and controlled by the corporate "Governor" of "The Fund" a/k/a "Secretary of Treasury" (See: Public Law 94-564, supra., pg. 5942; U.S. Government Manual 1990/91, pgs. 480 & 481; 26 U.S.C.A. 7761(a)(11); Treasury Delegation Order No. 150-10), and the corporate "Governor" of "The bank" (22 U.S.C.A. 286, 286a) acting as "information-service employees" (22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(ii)) have been and does now solicit, collect, disburse or dispense contribution (Tax-pecuniary contribution, Blacks Law Dict. 5th ed.), loans, money, or other things of value for or in interest of such foreign principal (22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(iii)), and they have entered into agreements with a "Foreign Principal" pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 91 i.e. the "Agency For International Development" (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(2)). The Internal Revenue Service is also an agency of the "International Criminal Police Organization" and solicits and collects information for 150 Foreign Powers (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 263a; The United States Government Manual, 1990/91, pg. 385; See also: "The Ron Paul Money Book", pgs. 250-251). It should be further noted that Congress has appropriated, transferred, and converted vast sums to Foreign Powers (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 262c(b)) and has entered into numerous Foreign Taxing Treaties (conventions) (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 285g, 287j) and other Agreements, which are solicited and collected pursuant to 26 U.S.C.A. 6103(k)(4). Along with the other documentary evidence submitted herein, this should absolve any further doubt as to the true character of the party. Such restrictions as: "For the general welfare and common defense of the United States" (See: U.S. Const., (1787), I:8:1) apparently aren't applicable, and the fraudulent hypothecated debt credit will be merely added to the insolvent nature of the continual "emergency", and the reciprocal social/economic repercussions laid upon present and future generations.

Among other reasons for lack of authority to act, such as a "Foreign Agents Registration Statement" (22 U.S.C.A. 612; 18 U.S.C.A. 219, 951), military authority cannot be imposed into civil affairs (See: Department Of The Army Pamphlet 27100-70; Military Law Review, Vol. 70). The United Nations Charter (Article 2, Section 7) further prohibits the U.N. from: "intervening in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state ...". Korea, Viet Nam, Ethiopia, Angola, Kuwait, etc., are evidence enough of the "BAD FAITH" of the United Nations and its Organizations, Corporations, and Associations, not to mention the seizing of two day care centers in the State of Minnesota by their agents, and holding the children as collateral/hostages for payment/ransom of their fraudulent, dishonored, hypothecated debt credit and worthless securities. Such is the "Rule Of Law" (as envisioned by the Founders) of the United Nations. Such is Communist terrorism, despotism, and tyranny. ALL WERE AND ARE OUTLAWED HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

It is quite apparent that the "Treasonous" and "Seditious" are brewing up a storm of untold magnitude. President Bush's public address of September 11, 1991 (See: Weekly Compilation Of Presidential Documents) should further qualify what is being said here. He admitted "INTERdependence" (See also: Public Law 94-564, the Legislative History thereof at page 5950), "New World Order" (See also: Extension Of Remarks, January 19, 1976, Marjorie S. Holt; 8 U.S.C.A. 1101(40)), affiliation and collusion with the Soviet Union Oligarchy (50 U.S.C.A. 781), direction by the U.N. (22 U.S.C.A. 611) etc.. You might also find it interesting that Treasury Delegation Order No. 92 states that the I.R.S. is trained under direction of the Division of "Human Resources" (U.N.) and the Commissioner (INTERNATIONAL) by the "Office Of Personnel Management." In the 1979 Edition of 22 U.S.C.A. 287 ("The United Nations" at page 248); you will find Executive Order No. 10422. The "Office of Personnel Management" is under direction of the Secretary General of the United Nations. And as stated previously; the I.R.S. is also a member of a one hundred fifty (150) Nation pact called the "International Criminal Police Organization" (22 U.S.C.A. 263a). The "Memorandum & Agreement" between the Secretary of Treasury/Corporate Governor of "The Fund" and "The Bank" and the "Office of the U.S. Attorney General" would indicate that the Attorney General and his associates are soliciting and collecting information for "Foreign Principals" (See also: The United States government Manual, (1990/91), pg. 385; also see: The Ron Paul Money Book, (supra.), pg. 250, 251).

It is worthy of note that an Attorney/Representative is required to file a "Foreign Agents Registration Statement" pursuant to 22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(1)(iv), 612, if representing the interests of a "Foreign Principal" or Power (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 613; Rabinowitz v. Kennedy, 376 US 605, 11 L.Ed.2d 940; 18 U.S.C.A. 219, 951).

On January 17, 1980; the President and the Senate confirmed another "Constitution", namely, the "Constitution Of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization", found at Senate, Treaty Document No. 97-19, 97th Congress, 1st Session. A perusal of this "Foreign Constitution" should more than qualify the internationalist intents. The "Preamble;" Article 1 ("Objectives"), and Article 2 ("Functions"), clearly evidences their intent to direct, control, finance, and subsidize all "natural and human resources" and "agro-related as well as basic industries," through "dynamic social and economic changes" "with a view to assisting in the establishment of a new international economic order." The high flown rhetoric is obviously of "Communist" origin and intents. An unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable oligarchy of expatriates and aliens who fraudulently claim in the "Preamble" that they intend to establish "rational and equitable international economic relations", yet they openly declared that they no longer "stabilize the value of the dollar" nor "assure the value of the coin and currency of the United States." This is purely misrepresentation, deceit, and fraud (See: Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227, at pg. 1229). This was augmented by Public Law 101-167, 103 Stat. 1195, which discloses massive appropriations of hypothecated debt credit for the general welfare and common defense of other Foreign Powers, including "Communist" countries or satellites, International control of natural and human resources, etc.. A "Resource" is a claim of "property" and when related to people constitutes "slavery."

It is now necessary to ask which Constitution they are operating under. The "Constitution For The Newstates Of The United States," which was locates at Liberty Lobby, 100 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003; was the subject matter of the book entitled: "The Emerging Constitution" by Rexford G. Tugwell, which was accomplished under the auspices of the Rockefeller tax-exempt foundation called the "Center For The Study Of Democratic Institutions." The People and Citizens of this Nation were forewarned against formation of "Democracies." "Democracies have ever been the spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths." [The Federalist Papers No. 10; The Law (Fredrick Bastiat); Code Of Professional Responsibility (Preamble)]

This Alien Constitution, however, has nothing to do with democracy in reality. It is the basis of and for a despotic, tyrannical oligarchy. At Article I ("Rights and Responsibilities"); Section 1 and 15 admits to the "emergency." The Rights of expression, communication, movement, assembly, petition and Habeas Corpus are all excepted from being exercised under and in a "declared emergency." The "Constitution for the Newstates of America" openly declares, among other seditious things and delusions that: "Until each indicated change in the government shall have been completed, the provisions of the existing Constitution (U.S. Constitution) and the organs of government shall be in effect." [The Constitution of the New States, Article XII,
Section 4

This is apparently what Burger was promoting in 1976, after he resigned as Supreme Court Justice and took up the promotion of being a member of the "Constitutional Convention." No trial by jury is mentioned, "JUST" Compensation has been removed, along with being informed of the "Nature & Cause of the Accusation," etc., and every one will, of course, participate in the "democracy." This Constitution is but a reiteration of the Communist Doctrines, intents and purposes, and clearly establishes a "Police Power" State, under direction and control of a self appointed oligarchy.

Apparently the present operation of the "de facto" government is under Foreign/Alien Constitutions, Laws, Rules, and Regulations. The overthrow of the "essential engine" declared in and by the ordained and established Constitution for the United States of America (1787), and by and under the "Bill of Rights" (1791) is obvious. The covert procedure used to implement and enforce these Foreign Constitutions, Laws, Procedures, Rules, Regulations, etc., has not, to our knowledge, been collected and assimilated nor presented as evidence to establish seditious collusion and conspiracy.

Fortunately and Unfortunately; it is necessary to seek, obtain, and present EVIDENCE to sustain a convection and/or judgment. Our patience and tolerance for those who pervert the very necessary and basic foundations of society has been pushed to insufferable levels. They have "fundamentally" changed the form and substance of the "de jure" Republican form of Government, exhibited a willful and wanton disregard for the Rights, Safety, and Property of others, evinced a despotic design to reduce the People to slavery, peonage and involuntary servitude, under a fraudulent, tyrannical, seditious foreign oligarchy, with intent and purpose to institute, erect and form a "Dictatorship" over the Inhabitants and our Posterity. They have completely debauched the de jure monetary system, destroyed the livelihood and lives of thousands, aided and abetted our enemies, turned Sodomites lose amongst our young. They have implemented foreign laws, rules, regulations, and procedures within the body of the Country, incited insurrection, rebellion, sedition, and anarchy within the de jure society. The have illegally entered onto our land, taken false Oaths, entered into seditious Foreign Constitutions, Agreements, Pacts, Confederations, and Alliances, and under pretense of "emergency," which they themselves have created, promoted and furthered; formed a multitude of offices and retained those of Alien Allegiance to perpetuate their frauds and to eat out the substance of the good and productive People of our land. They have arbitrarily dismissed and held mock trials for those who trespassed upon our lives, Liberties, Properties, and Families and endangered our Peace, Safety, Welfare, and Dignity. The damage, injury, and costs to our Rights, Liberties, and Posterity have been higher than mere money can repay. They have done what they were COMMANDED NOT TO DO. The time for just correction is NOW!

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