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An early flag salute was Colonel Balch's salute, written in 1889.  That salute went as follows: "We give our heads and our hearts to God and our country; one country, one language, one Flag."  During the spiel, the youngsters would point at their heads, their heart and then at the flag.  Thus, Balch’s chant ended with a straight arm pointing at the flag.  Balch had first used his pledge on Flag Day, June 14th, 1889, in his free kindergarten for New York City's poor and immigrants, where he served as a principal. It seems to have become a daily salute in the classroom for all of his students at that time.


It wasn’t until August of 1892, that a pledge and the original U.S. flag salute was instituted by Francis Bellamy.  


Francis Bellamy (1855-1931) was a national socialist in the U.S. and created the pledge of allegiance to the flag using a straight-armed salute, recognized as the so-called "Roman" salute.  See photos and video below.  In his Pledge of Allegiance, Francis Bellamy expressed ideas of his first cousin, Edward Bellamy (1850-1898), author of the American socialist utopian novels, “Looking Backward” (1888) and “Equality” (1897).  Bellamy proposed the original socialist salute and the pledge after he joined the staff of the magazine titled "Youth's Companion."  Bellamy believed that the best way to promote socialism was by removing children from their parents and placing them in socialized government schools and other youth groups.  Although every individual is different, the Bellamys wanted to use government and government schools to force everyone to be the same.  Both Bellamys had been openly involved in the National Socialism movement and the "Nationalist" magazine.


Both Bellamys wanted the government to take over all schools and create an “industrial army” of totalitarian socialism.  The use of government schools to promote socialist militarism was a monstrous example to the world for decades before the National Socialist German Worker's Party, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or the People's Republic of China ever existed.  Even Jewish children were forced to perform the socialist straight-arm salute in government schools in the U.S. long before the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party) existed, and for years thereafter.  Government schools (socialist schools) expelled children who did not perform the original salute and pledge to the U.S. flag.  Bellamy believed that government schools with pledges and flags were needed to brainwash children to embrace nationalism, militarism, and socialism. 


The straight-arm salute of the Nazis was adopted from the US's pledge of allegiance and flag salute.  Action was taken against the straight-arm pledge in 1942 because it was becoming very embarrassing and very revealing.  The original straight-arm flag salute was changed to the hand-over-the-heart salute.  On June 22, 1942, the pledge was included in the U.S. Flag Code, but Congress gave it the modern hand-over-the-heart gesture.


Children in the U.S. attended government-schools where racism and segregation were mandated by law, and where they performed a straight-armed salute to the U.S. flag.  The children were forced to robotically chant a pledge written by a national socialist who wanted to produce an “industrial army” for totalitarian socialism. In the past, U.S. schools expelled and jailed people who refused to pledge until the U.S. Supreme Court enjoined the punishments. Many people disagreed with the court decision and therefore many laws today require teachers to try to lead a daily robotic chant of the pledge in military formation.


the U.S. flag in a school is like a “white flag of surrender,” a surrender to government, to the Department of Education, to nationalization, to socialism, and to militarism. 


Bellany’s speech on Columbus Day in the article written in "Youth's Companion" of September 8, 1892, sounded like this:  "the children of the States are marshaled and marching" into indoctrination centers for the "Industrial Army," “a new social order”...”and universal enlightenment”…”a new experiment in civilization”…”unite to march as one army under the sacred flag”…”the training of citizens in the common knowledge and the common duties of citizenship belongs irrevocably to the State.”  He also stated that the schools are FREE, but purposely neglected the fact that government schools are paid for with taxes that people are forced to pay whether they want to or not.  In his speech, he calls the new schools “Public Schools” instead of “Government Schools” However, true "public schools," today called “private schools,” are schools that people voluntarily pay for and support.   Notice that certain terms are used as lies to trick people into supporting expensive government schools that are paid for with force.


The Pledge of Allegiance was expanded in 1954 to what is now said in schools.



The Roman “straight-arm salute” is a Myth


The Roman straight arm salute is a fiction, a myth.  It was introduced and inspired by films such as:


American Ben-Hur (1907), the Italian Nerone (1908), although such films did not yet standardize the salute or make it exclusively Roman. In Spartaco (1914), even Spartacus used it.  The self-styled “Consul” Gabriele D’Annunzio appropriated the salute in its now familiar form as a propaganda tool for his political aspirations upon his occupation of Fiume in 1919. Earlier, D’Annunzio had been closely involved in Giovanni Pastrone’s colossal epic Cabiria (1914), in which variations of the salute occur several times.” 


Notable other examples of the salute, by then a standard part of ancient iconography in the cinema, appear in Ben-Hur (1925) and in Cecil B. DeMille’s Sign of the Cross (1932) and Cleopatra (1934), although the execution of the gesture was still variable.  Of particular importance for the visual record are two films by Leni Riefenstahl, Triumph of the Will (1935) and Olympia (1938) 



Nazi Germany


The term “Nazi” stands for “The National Socialist German Workers’ Party” which came into existence in 1920.  Nazi dictatorship began in 1933.  The straight-arm salute of the Nazis was adopted from the US's pledge of allegiance and flag salute.  There were 21 million people slaughtered under Nazi rule.



Fascism in Italy


In 1922, Mussolini’s (Marxist) Socialist Party gained power.  Benito Mussolini was the leader of the Socialist Party of Italy.  Between 1912 and 1914 Mussolini was the editor of the Socialist Party newspaper, "L'Avanti" (means "in front"),  In 1914 he started his own socialist newspaper "Il Popolo d'Italia" ("The people of Italy").  On October 28, 1922, Mussolini led his "March on Rome", which brought him to power for 23 years.  In late 1937, Mussolini visited Germany and pledged himself to support the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  In 1938, he introduced his ‘reform of customs.’  Hand-shaking was suddenly banned as unhygienic: a salute was to be used instead - the right forearm raised vertically. 



Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics began in 1917.  Under the industrial army of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 62 million people were slaughtered in death camps like Kolyma, Vorkuta and Magadan.



Results of Socialism


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 62 million deaths, 1917-1987

People's Republic of China, 35 million, 1949-1987

National Socialist German Workers’ Party, 21 million, 1933-1945

(The numbers are from Professor R. J. Rummel's article in the Encyclopedia of Genocide (1999)).


Three countries alone slaughtered 118 million people.


In other words, they were not slaughtered in war by a foreign country invading; they were slaughtered by their own governments by the millions.


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