Inconsistencies of
Obama's supposed
Birth Certificate

Listed below are just some of the videos and web pages
refuting the authenticity of the
White House released Birth Certificate.

Watch evidence of Obama document fraud

Obama's Birth Certificate A Forgery
Points out problems with White House released certificate. Test image curl does not match straight background. Lack of curvature in some "typed" words. No official embossed seal. Unexplained blurring. Paste in characters. Another digital paste-up job.

Proof Obama's 4/27/11 "Long Form Certificate of Birth" is Forged!
White House release is layered

Obama birth certificate...100% proof it is a FAKE
Number not in sequential Order. The "Date of Birth" and the "Certifcate number" are inconsistant with another Birth Certificate.
Obama Birth August 4, 1961 #61-10641
Nordyke Birth August 5, 1961 #61-10637
Number 10641 should have come after 2:15 PM, August 5, 1961
and not before.

Also see:

The LIES of Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate!
Many Questions Brought Up!
Swore only Birth Certificate he had and two years later come up with a new one. No Official certification. "African" listed instead of "Negro," "Negroid," or "Black" that was used in 1960's

Proof the Obama Birth Certificate is a fake
Associated Press vs White House release. White House release background sharp outside wording but is blurred inside. White House release is assembled by computer.

Obama's Birth Certificate Is 100% Fake?
Professional Graphics Designer Agrees It's A Fake
1 of 4

Why does President Obama's Birth Certificate PDF Have Layers?
3 of 4 (No audio)

White House Birth Certificate is Forgery? 2 of 4
Dark vs pixilated.

Obama's Birth Certificate Exposed Debunked as a Layered, Photoshopped, Fraud Hoax? 4 of 4
Definitely layered according to Adobe Illustrator. "Non" gone but "e" stays.

Obama's Birth Certificate Released - Proof it is Has Been Altered. Possible Fake?
Forgot to group all layers so they do not appear as layers. It is a built document.

New Obama Birth Certificate proved fake with Photoshop
A visual step-by-step process. "B" in "OBAMA" matches perfectly but it shouldn't just like all of the rest of the words and letters. A copied pixeled letter 'B'.

Obama's Birth Certificate Dissected
Step-by-step process of removing the layering and setting aside. Document was pieced together. The last 1 in 10461 is a pixilated 1 and separates out as a layer. The hospital listed on the (1961) white house release did not have that name until after 1978. Document is made up of various pasted segments most likely using Photoshop as layers.

Obama Birth certificate has issues. (No audio)
In box 20, last 1 in 1961 is segmented or pixiled in.
Box 22 date has problems of segmentation.

Whitehouse birth certificate is a faked composite image (4/29/11)
Nine layers, no text.
Explanation does not pan out as to the layering.
Gov't is commiting a crime before Our own eyes and the media is covering up.

The Obama Conspiracy: President faces fresh questions
over birthplace as author raise[s] new doubts
about his Hawaiian heritage

Is Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fake?

One blogger wrote this:

Rickey Roma says:
April 29, 2011 at 9:41 am
Ok, I’m not some conspiracy nut, but I have been using Illustrator and Photoshop since the early 90's, so I know a thing or two about what I am talking about.

First, there is now way you can scan a flat image and get layers out of it. This was created with a computer.

Second, after looking closely at this there is one glaring thing that lets me know this was tampered with. Look at 7e and 6d. In specific, the line “If no, give” and the box below it with the X typed into it. They are exactly the same..impossible if typing this with a typewriter..there is no way to line up the “x” exactly with a typewriter (I’m old enough to have used typewriters in high school)…now look in the layers palette, the “no, g” and the box with X has been copied from line 6d and pasted into line 7e.

Anyone who knows Photoshop or Illustrator can see this clearly.

Groups (layer) 1& 2 is white distressing. Common in the photoshop world to create an old ‘distressed’ look.

Layers 3 and 4 are the dates from Line 20 and 22. They are the same but slightly rotated to look different.

I could go on and on….

My opinion: This was intentionally released like this to create a stir among “birthers” so the white house can say, ” see even when we release the birth certificate, they still aren’t satisfied” giving the impression that conservatives are wackos and racists. I think conservatives should stick to hitting Obama on his failed socialist policies..and not get baited into this obvious forgery.

Another blogger wrote this:

Joseph says:
April 29, 2011 at 12:42 pm
Interesting how little the Obama team thinks of us Americans. They think we are stupid enough to buy that African was used instead of Negro, that the hospital was named after a hospital whose name was given in 1978, the father is shown as African within the race box. Africa is a continent not a race. Place of birth; Kenya East Africa. Kenya did not exist until 1963. Somebody was forseeing the future in 1961. It will be fun to see them go to jail.

The same was true in 2008:
Obama-Fake Birth Certificate?

When will people stop trusting the so-called government
and rely more on their own investigation and research?

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