Masons in Law Enforcement

The examples of patches shown on this web page
are used by law enforcement and others.
The patches contain emblems and symbols
of the so-called secret societies.

The most common and well known is Freemasonry.
They are not necessarily secret societies but are societies with secrets.
Secret oaths are made by the members that give allegiance
to the society and its members.   Intentionaly or unintentionaly, Freemasons are partial to fraternal members of the society and therefore favortism abounds within the work environment.

Freemasonry has been infiltrating law enforcement at all levels. You can recognize them by their handshake, the emblems and symbols they display, the words they use, and the rings they wear.

  "a square and a set of compasses (joined together)
is the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry." --Wikipedia

A mason in trouble can perform the Grand Masonic Hailing Sign of Distress, also called the "High Sign".    For instance; a Masonic defendant in court or "caught in a pinch" might bury his head in his hands and cry
"Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow's son?" and a fellow mason who has jurisdiction over the situation has a duty to set him free. Ordinary people who are not masons (the uninitiated) do not have the same protections as a fellow mason. Therefore, a bias has been formed and promulgated and equal protection under the law has been forfeited.

The secret oaths taken and the allegiance given to Freemasonry conflict with the public office oath by which they serve the public at large. Allegiance to Freemasonry will most always supercede the other.

Masonic oaths taken and allegiances given can be, nonetheless, conspiratorial towards those outside the brotherhood for not being a member of the brotherhood.

Find your state and or city (Not all are listed)

Some Canadian examples including the Mounties displaying the Masonic emblems.

Even National Transport Safety Board has the Masonic emblems
on both sides as if they are decorations.

Here is an example of Customs and so-called Border Protection
displaying the Masonic emblems on both sides as if they are decorations.

Masonic License Plates

Some Masons will even display emblems and symbols on their license plates
to give special notice as to who they are to obtain special treatment.

Some web sites
make mention of Masons
in Law Enforcement

"three distinguished members of the Pennsylvania State Police were made Masons-at-Sight in the Masonic Temple, Philadelphia."
"more than a hundred brethren who are troopers"

Master of the Maine State Police Masonic Degree Team

Pennsylvania has a State Police Degree Team who confer the degrees to the sons of other State Policemen and other State Police who join the Craft. ůMy Gun Club is made up of about 50% masons and we have a degree team who confer's to those members of our club who ask to join. Not so tough as the State Police. We had a Degree Team at Ft. Bragg in 1966 when I was a member of the 3d SFG (Abn),

Grand Lodge of Maryland Masonic Clubs-List of LAW ENFORCEMENT members

Check this out: Of course you know that the Knight Templar escort, under the command of Sir Knight Poston Drake, is made up of Master Masons, but the State Police escort, under the command of Trooper Charlie Bidwell is also made up of Master Masons.

Lawsuit: Freemasonry Membership Aided Pennsylvania State Trooper in Sex Assault Cover-up

L.A. Police Chief William Bratton: Admitted Freemason

Was found on the Internet Event: 'State Police Master Mason Degree' in Connecticut.

This is from a blog


I belong to an AFL-CIO construction local and you would be shocked at the ring clicking that goes on with regard to long term big money jobs and foremen appointments. I contacted the NLRB about the issue and made them release a list of all the Masons in our local. They were FURIOUS (against their rules to identify) but I had the full weight of the US Guvmint behind me and they had to cough it up. Needless to say I spent several years after that working in Detroit, Toledo, New York, Fort Wayne,....Get the picture? Our Business Agent is the Grand Master of the local Lodge. My father was a high Mason (33rd)and they felt I betrayed them. I just feel everyone should get a fair shake. These organizations within organizations will be the demise of the original intent of some good well meaning people that fought hard for human rights and dignity in the name of organized labor. I always say "if you can't do a thing you must get a ring". LOTS of cops are Masons and almost ALL state police FYI

one more thing; my friends brother couldn't advance as a prison guard until he joined the Masons. Now he is an officer. They strongly suggested it would help his career and SHAZAAM!!!

Mason Chart

Want to learn more:

YouTube video 1:   The highest Degree masons follow the Luciferian Doctrine.
YouTube video 2:   Secrets of Freemasonry
YouTube video 3:   Most evil cult
YouTube video 4:   A Mason who is also a Shriner saying "I am Lucifer"
YouTube video 5:   They will not tell you the Grand Omnific word.    Because it will reveal their secret Foundation as to who is the god of Freemasonry.

Most masons will deny what you discover in the videos either via ignorance or to protect their fraternity.

Well worth reading: "THE BROTHERHOOD AND THE MANIPULATION OF SOCIETY" writen by Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston.

Other Examples

Notice the emblem at the bottom as part of the design.

Here is an example of so-called Homeland Security
displaying the emblems on both sides as if they are decorations.

An example of a Masonic symbol
for woman in Freemasonry

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